The Symes Wedding | Jonah & Scott


Oh boy was this a great day. Jonah and Scott are huge music fans, so there was really no other option than to start the day off with a visit to Sonic Boom record store in downtown Toronto. Like kids in a candy shop, we wandered through the aisles and perused the abundant variety of records, reveling in new finds and nostalgic classics, just like they often do on any normal day. I can’t remember exactly how many concerts they mentioned they attend per year..but I want to say it’s in the hundreds.

So, it was just as fitting that their wedding at The Symes incorporated music and art in so many ways. There were personal touches in every aspect of their wedding, from big to small. Their signing “book” were two electric guitars (one white, one black) that guests wrote on with metallic sharpies. They had their suit linings custom-made to include all their favourite albums, and had custom Converse made for themselves and their entire wedding party, complete with rainbow soles and shoelaces. To add another element to all the creativity flourishing on their special day, Jonah designed every table number card with adorable illustrations of things the couple love doing together – from eating spaghetti a la Lady and the Tramp, to rocking out on their guitars. A huge highlight for me was hearing Toronto locals, Dwayne Gretzky play all night long (they played at my wedding too and if you haven’t gone to see them yet, you’re missing out). I was also so in love with their vows and the little customs they included in the ceremony to make it true to them and their relationship. Jonah and Scott created a beautiful space at The Symes for their wedding, to honor their love and bring their friends and family into their world to celebrate in such a special way. So please take a peek at the sweetness they created together.

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