Harding Waterfront Estate Wedding | Nicole & Alex


Alex and Nicole’s wedding at Harding Waterfront Estate was definitely a huge highlight of last summer. First of all, A & N are absolutely incredible. They are “don’t sweat the small stuff” type of people and it made the day feel stress free and fun for everyone. Also, they hired FabFete to ensure that everything was taken care of and that the day ran smoothly. Plus it’s hard to go wrong with this wedding venue. Harding Waterfront Estate is absolutely beautiful! It was my first time shooting there, so I was pretty happy to discover the property is filled with so many amazing places for photos. It certainly helped that the weather was perfect on the day. We really took full advantage of the sprawling grounds and the private lakefront access.

One little detail that I loved so much about this wedding was the ceremony setup. Guest’s chairs were set up in a circle all around the couple and that really created this sense of togetherness, it was so lovely to see. To add more heartwarming significance to this day is the fact that these two got married on the same rug that Nicole’s parents got married on – how sweet is that!

The reception was held in a beautiful enclosed outdoor tent with plenty of windows for ample natural light. Into the evening there were a couple of surprise performances. One highlight was the most adorable choreographed father-daughter dance that had everyone on their feet by the end. This wedding was so full of heart and it was a great pleasure to be a part of it.

Enjoy a few images from Alex and Nicole’s beautiful Harding Waterfront Estate wedding.

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