I met my husband working at a random little video store, back when we were teenagers and people still rented videos. Maybe it’s the nostalgia, but one of my favourite parts of this job is definitely hearing everyone’s “how we met” stories. Each is slightly different and it truly helps me connect with, and better understand, the couples I work with.

It’s really important to me that everyone feel super comfortable and at ease as I follow you around with a camera on what is likely one of the most personal and intimate days of your life. So it’s only fair that I share a little bit about myself, too.

I love traveling and exploring new places, crashing waves, long walks on the beach at sunset, romantic clichés. On a Saturday morning, you can find me out for brunch, at yoga, at the dog park with my pup Louie or binge watching bad tv.

A bit about my photography style:

I typically take a more “hands off” approach.

I like to let the day unfold organically, capturing moments as they happen. You’d be surprised how often those seemingly insignificant moments -  subtle exchanges, fleeting glances, little flashes of unfiltered emotion – turn out to become the most beautiful images of the day.

I aim to document the authentic. real. genuine. moments of your day.  The best photos – the most perfect photos - *almost always* end up being the ones that aren’t planned, posed or staged.


- Tami