Bonnie View Inn Wedding | Kehau & Matt


Kehau and Matt were married at the Bonnie View Inn last summer. It was such a hot day. Like super..super hot. Many fans were used in the making of this wedding day.

One thing that I loved so much about this wedding was how involved all of their family and friends were. It’s a small resort, so all of the guests were very close to the couple. Kehau’s sons were so sweet, running all over the place making sure everything was going according to plans. And they had an adorable dance together during the reception too. I might have gotten a bit teary eyed.

To top it all off, Kehau and her sisters jumped in the lake once all the formalities were over, while Matt and the rest of the wedding guests watched from the shore. It was such a fun and playful moment..and I can’t imagine how good it must have felt after such a full day in the sun.

Kehau and Matt, thank you for having me photograph your day!!

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