Toronto Backyard Wedding | Sophie & Blake


Long before this pandemic started, when couples planning their weddings could have whatever type of day they wanted, Sophie and Blake still decided to go small. They invited a handful of loved ones to their Toronto, backyard wedding and they made it official. Small weddings truly do have my heart. I love photographing any and all weddings, intimate affairs or giant, lively celebrations, but there’s something about those smaller weddings that really feel special. Maybe it’s because you feel like you’re one of the very few people that get to witness it, or maybe you’re just closer to the action and everyone feels more comfortable around each other. Whatever it is, they are my jam.

Blake built the alter and Sophie make the beautiful embroidery hanging from it. Sophie’s brother officiated and their parents and a handful of friends were in attendance. Oh, and their cat made an appearance too. The ceremony was personal and lovely, and included Sophie’s grandfather as a FaceTime guest to make it extra special. 2020 was filled with a whole bunch more of these types of days, and it was a huge honour to be at each and every one of them. I have much more to share over the next few months. I hope you follow along with me.

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