Evergreen Brickworks Couple Session | Helen & Jen


Evergreen Brickworks is a Toronto spot that I recommend again and again to my clients. It’s the perfect place for an outdoor photo session at any time of year. There are beautiful trails, ponds where you can watch the turtles and fish, amazing sunsets and fall colours, a farmer’s market on Saturdays and it’s right in the middle of the city. I’ve photographed weddings here, engagement and couple’s sessions, maternity sessions, family sessions and I’ve spent tons of time here with my own family as well!

I first met Jen when attending a Little Rebels music class with my daughter. She’s an amazing singer and performer and she has this wonderful way with kids. My daughter could not get enough of these classes. I highly recommend checking out Little Rebels if you’re local.

Jen and Helen live nearby and told me Evergreen Brickworks is a place they’d often walk through. I love when my clients have a connection to the place location they choose. It adds an extra layer of meaning to the session. I just want to say that I’d like to be best friends with these two. They have this really beautiful bond, vibrant personalities and we just had a really great time exploring the back trails of Brickworks. I love when my clients forewarn me that they aren’t comfortable in front of the camera, because it’s my opportunity to create a safe space to be yourself and prove that taking photos is a time to connect and let loose.

Now that 2022 has begun, I’m going to focus on sharing all the beauty of the past year. I know I always say that, but I really mean it this time πŸ™‚


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