Humber Bay | Rebecca & Jesse


Each year, I open up a little contest to a couple in love. I typically announce this contest on Instagram and I get so many beautiful DMs from couples telling me their love stories. I want to know how they met, what they love about each other, the things they do together, what they love to eat, where they’ve travelled etc. In my mind, the winner would be the couple who’s story spoke to me the most, but each year, I have the hardest time deciding because everyone really does pour their heart out and they end up sharing some really personal things with me. So a random draw ends up being my decision maker.

Rebecca and Jesse were this year’s couple. Rebecca happens to also be a past bridesmaid from a wedding I photographed last year, so I was extra excited to get to work with her again. These two are the real deal. We met down by the lake, and explored the area while battling some pretty intense winds (which is kind of my favourite). There’s something really beautiful about having a session for no reason other than to document a couple’s love.