Scarborough Bluffs Engagement | Siobhan & Jesse


I was introduced to Siobhan through a good friend of mine, and I feel so lucky that they chose me to shoot their wedding this spring. Siobhan and Jesse are incredible people. Their love is palpable and I didn’t want our session to end. We headed over to the Scarborough Bluffs one evening for their engagement session and hung out at the beach, playing in the water, people watching, bird watching, chatting about our favourite tv shows, it was the best.

Also, while we were there, there was a person waiting for his partner to arrive so he could presumably propose (he had rose petals all around him and a photographer waiting with him too), we kept checking in so that maybe we could watch the magic happen, but no one showed up while we were there. It reminded me of a movie and now I’m still left wanting to know what happened after. Did their car break down? Was there a miscommunication? Did anyone eventually show up? I guess we’ll never know.

Back to Siobhan and Jesse’s engagement at the beautiful Scarborough Bluffs…I’m SO happy they are getting married this spring because that means I don’t have to wait too long to see them again. More from these two coming soon.

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