Spring Backyard Wedding | Jacqueline & Gavyn


If you’re dreaming of having a spring wedding, this is your sign to go for it! The weather isn’t too hot yet, all the flowers are in bloom, calendars haven’t filled up yet, and vendors have more availability. And if you make it a backyard wedding you can save all that money you would have spent on a venue too! Jacqueline and Gavyn threw a beautiful spring wedding in the backyard of their home in Etobicoke. It was simple and laid back, yet so sweet and full of beauty and joy. They set up a white tent and planted lots of colourful flowers in their garden, accenting that with lovely pastel floral arrangements by Oleander to make the backyard feel so beautiful. It was a very intimate wedding with just family and close friends, which was perfect for them. The ceremony was filled with sweet smiles and laughter, but the highlight came during their vows, which were personal and so heartfelt. After the ceremony, everyone celebrated with cocktails and great conversation. One of my favourite moments of the day was when Jacqueline and Gavyn had a private first dance in their living room. Gavyn put on a Death Cab for Cutie record, they started dancing and just had this beautiful moment together in a space that will always be theirs. After their dance, we stepped outside for some portraits around the house. They ended the day with a wonderful Italian meal at Posticino, the restaurant on the corner of their street – so close that everyone walked over together. Jacqueline and Gavyn made their wedding day perfect for them, and that’s what I encourage you to do too! Do what feels right for you, whether that’s a spring backyard wedding or something totally different, I’m here for you! Here’s a little peek at their adorable wedding day.

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