La Maquette Wedding | Cecily & Sunny


Sunny and Cecily’s wedding was super special to me. It was the first time I photographed a Hindu ceremony and oh, was it incredible. I loved being there to observe so many wedding rituals that I haven’t seen before. There were incredibly beautiful moments between the couple, their parents, their friends and family. It was truly wonderful.

The next day, we headed to La Maquette downtown for the reception, and I was presented with a whole new bright and elegant wardrobe to admire. At the restaurant, family and friends danced for the couple, ate delicious food and continued the celebrations. I was felt so lucky to be included in this lovely weekend.

Take a look and as always, thanks for stopping by!

For more urban city wedding inspiration check out Karen & Jose’s Drake Hotel Wedding in downtown Toronto.


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La Maquette Wedding | Cecily & Sunny – Tami Klein

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