Arowhon Camp Wedding | Jess & Adam


Summer is sort of around the corner, so I thought I’d reminisce from last summer and share the wedding of Jess and Adam. Summer camp weddings will always be a favourite of mine. This was my second time shooting at Camp Arowhon, in Algonquin Park and it did not disappoint. First of all, this camp is SO beautiful. If you get up early enough, the entire lake is foggy and peaceful. I had this fantasy of going for a canoe ride through the fog, but then totally chickened out as I was sure I’d float away into the mist, get lost, and miss the wedding.

Jess and Adam are such sweethearts. I could tell from our first meeting that they would be amazing to work with, and now, I consider them my friends. They created this beautiful little weekend at camp for their loved ones to sit back, relax, play, and celebrate together.

J&A, Thank you for bringing me along on your adventure!