Ballantrae Farm Wedding | Jenn & Noah


Jenn and Noah were married just outside Toronto, on the property next to Jenn’s parents house which also happens to be a lovely little convent. The sprawling property really was such a perfect place for a wedding. It rained for almost the entire day, but just as they were deciding it was probably best to move the ceremony under the tent, the rain cleared, the sun came out and the weather was perfect. This was another wedding where the couple had their dog walk down the aisle, and I was definitely not mad about it. Keep this tradition coming folks, it’s awesome. The day continued, with popsicles, a game of flip cup, a delicious southern style meal, SUCH a fun dance party and fireworks to end off the night.

This wedding may have been the first one where my feet really started to feel sore by the second half of the day, I was in the last trimester of my pregnancy and being on my feet for hours at a time was challenging.  Special shout out to my second shooter Callum, who stepped in when I needed a break.  It was much appreciated and so nice to have someone there to help me out.  One beautiful thing about this job is how supportive the Toronto wedding photographer folks can be.  So many of us are willing to give a helping hand when we can, and be there for one another when we’re in a bind.  This summer was such a strong example of that for me personally, having a buddy tag along with me was incredible.

One of my favourite things about being a wedding photographer is that I get to experience so many unique celebrations. Each couple brings their creativity and personality into their day and it’s so special to be the one to document that for them and give them something that they can look back on forever.

Jenn and Noah, thank you times a million for having me there. Here’s a glimpse into their ammmazing wedding.