Intimate Farm Wedding l Jo & Jeff



Jo and Jeff are super wonderful. They are kind and genuine and their wedding was a reflection of them completely.  They decided to get married at a family friend’s barn in Norfolk County, Ontario.  As we walked around and explored the area together, Jeff pointed out all of the houses where various family members still lived. There was such a strong sense of familiarity and community around us, it was clear to me why Jo and Jeff chose this beautiful place for their celebration.

Some notes from the bride “We wanted our wedding to feel like a collaboration of our friend’s and family’s talents, so we did as much DIY as possible. We even DJ’d the wedding ourselves, with a playlist that took months to make. Jeff used to work at Rotate This (a Toronto record store) and we are both big music fans, so we wanted control over what was played. Jeff’s cousin, a trained opera singer, sang ‘Fool’s Rush In’ as I walked down the aisle”.  Jeff is also an origami master and his creations were used as decor all around the barn.